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School Group Adventures

Welcome to Great Himalayan Journeys - The original school expedition company

Great Himalayan Journeys provides educational expeditions in the developing world which teach life skills and expand minds outside the classroom. Our bespoke 4 to 8-days student travel itineraries foster team spirit and leadership skills.

As the original school expeditions company, Great Himalayan Journeys offers an unrivalled range of expeditions geared to the education of young people.

The benefits of school group adventures

School group adventures are unmissable opportunities for students to learn about the world outside their classroom.

What do school group adventures involve?

School group adventures with Great Himalayan Journeys involve exploring exciting destinations, solving new challenges as a group whilst developing personal attributes such as independence and self-confidence. If you are a school teacher you will probably recognize the typical classroom culture whereby once students have made friends, decided who they want to sit next to and established some sort of classroom hierarchy, they are unlikely to mix with people outside of their group of friends. School group adventures break down these boundaries, create a level playing field for everyone in the group and provide unique and stimulating opportunities to work together as a team.

The school group leader will essentially make the final decision of group adventure destination but can include the group as much as they wish during the decision-making process. Launching a school expedition with Great Himalayan Journeys can be as straightforward as it is satisfying! We’ll handle all the details of your group adventure and provide the support you need to make the group adventure a reality. Contact us for more details about how your school group can get involved.

Activities for students on School Group Adventures include:

• Trekking & Camping

• Cycling

• Rafting

• Wildlife Safaris

• Community Projects

• Basic navigation

• Rock climbing

• Rappelling

• River crossing

• Jumaring