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Himachal Pradesh is home to Bir in Kangra valley that holds many international paragliding events and we plan excursions to Bir.

Himachal Pradesh makes one of the best places in India to enjoy paragliding because of the scenic view it offers.

Our pilots are members of the IPA (Indian Paragliding Association) and have 7 to 12 years of flying experience. All the equipment used by us is imported, checked and approved.

We take all precautions to ensure that your paragliding experience is comfortable and fun.

Don’t be surprised if eagles or other birds accompany you on your flight.



Northern India benefits from a sunny dry climate favorable for paragliding nearly all year round. However November to march is normally reserved for winter sports. During the monsoon from mid July to the end of august occasional showers may break up the day affecting flying conditions.




Marhi Or Gulaba:

Alt. 3200m. 20 km before the Rohtang pass.

A Himalayan style flight 20 min to 1 hour long... Fly over Manali valley where the lush greens are surrounded by 6000m high summits. Free style & acrobatic flights are also available here on demand.



Alt. 2800m. A 40 min walk above Solang Nala.

A 10 to 30 min flight above the ancient forest with superb views over snow caped peaks & the frozen glacier.



Alt. 2400m. 15 km from Manali.

A 30 min walk up from Halan gives you a 10 to 20 min flight above the Beas river over looking Naggar castle, its mountainside, forests & its surrounding paddies fields.


Solang Nala:

Alt. 2500m. 14km from Manali.

The site for our 3, 5 & 7 day courses. This intimate little plateau is the ideal spot for all first timers & for those who want to learn how to fly & continue independently anywhere afterwards.




Experienced paragliding pilot that speaks English. Taxi to and from fly destination.

Equipment: Helmet, harness and fully checked glider and caraviner.

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Marhi or Gulaba - 20km From Rohtang

  • Locations :Marhi or Gulaba - 20km From Rohtang
  • Duration :20 min to 1 h flight
  • Altitude:3200m
  • Scenery: High peaks
  • Cost: On Request

Halan - 15 km from Manali

  • Locations :Halan - 15 km from Manali
  • Duration :10 to 20 min flight
  • Altitude:2400m
  • Scenery: Kullu valley
  • Cost: On Request

Solang Nala - Paragliding course

  • Locations :Solang Nala - Paragliding course
  • Duration :3 to 7 days
  • Altitude:2500m
  • Scenery: Solang ski resort
  • Cost: On Request

Phatru - 40 min walk above Solang

  • Locations :Phatru - 40 min walk above Solang
  • Duration :10 to 30 min flight
  • Altitude:2800m
  • Scenery: Solang forest
  • Cost: On Request