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Great Himalayan Journeys
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About Great Himalayan Journeys


Great Himalayan Journeys Is an adventure travel company specializing in inspirational treks, tours and expeditions to the Himalaya.GHJ Wants You to Travel More. Connecting travelers with inspiring ecotourism initiatives. Promoting change through the power of travel. 


With a vision of 'Excellence in service and building strong bonds' Great Himalayan Journeys. With the right attitude and effort, we have widened our destinations over the years to provide our customers and clients with the best services. The essence of India is deep-rooted in each one of us and we are proud of the colorful sights and diverse culture that the country has to offer. It is with this innate passion that we provide our travelers with an over whelming experience of 'Incredible India'.

We offer you with packages that are well researched and also let you customize your travel plans to make sure that you get the best of our services. Our highly committed team of professionals with their experience, knowledge and passion ensure that we go beyond satisfying expectations. This has helped give our customers the best travel experience to ensure that we keep them coming back for more. We now maintain a strong customer base and aim to reach potential customers who are in search of a good holiday experience. This is endorsed by the fact that our existing associates are our ambassadors whose recommendations and referrals have helped us a great deal in becoming one of the most dependable travel agencies in India. Responsible travel was not really understood when Adventure Center opened for business in 1972. Our philosophy has always been rooted in immersing adventure travelers in the countries they visit by exposing them to local people, culture, wildlife and the delicate balance that sustains the environments in which these communities thrive.